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Selected toilet seats made in Italy
Selected toilet seats made in Italy


Firmiana is an e-commerce site that deals with selecting and offering products made exclusively in Italy, certified and qualitatively great! At www.firmiana.it there are many types of objects: from sanitaryware to hi-tech, from kitchenware to jewels! Among the dozens of home accessories on the [...]
Faucets made in Italy
Faucets made in Italy


An Italian saying says "The class is not water", to indicate that it is rare to find something or someone who has good taste ...! The faucets made in Italy that we have selected for you, as well as being of excellent Italian quality, are also so varied and refined that you cannot fail to find [...]
Tri-Ply Cookware made in Italy
Tri-Ply Cookware made in Italy


For several years now, food plays a very important role both in the private environment and in TV programs where they relish recipes of all kinds, from the simplest to the most elaborate. MEPRA, an Italian company specialized in the kitchenware sector, interprets this request through a unique and [...]

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