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100% Made in Italy

Faucets made in Italy

Faucets made in Italy: class will out!

Faucets made in Italy An Italian saying says "The class is not water", to indicate that it is rare to find something or someone who has good taste ...!
The faucets made in Italy that we have selected for you, as well as being of excellent Italian quality, are also so varied and refined that you cannot fail to find the perfect one for your home! You can switch from the line Vela, with its contemporary and synthetic flavor, to classic or retro Victoria, whose elements evoke an ancient but never boring style!
If you are more fascinated by classicism, we recommend the faucets made in Italy Piazza di Spagna, with volumes intertwining, recalling the furnishings of a few decades ago; but if what interests you is something more essential then you can look at the Pillo line!
On our website www.firmiana.it you can find these and many other faucets made in Italy!So ... class will out, but in this case it is really possible to find so much elegance enclosed in a single internet page with low prices dedicated only to Firmiana customers!
All of the faucets made in Italy mentioned so far are part of the company Krover, leader in the industry, which stands out for the great passion with which it reinvents and proposes each time the pieces with great visual impact!

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