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100% Made in Italy

Selected toilet seats made in Italy

If you are searching for toilet seats, here you'll surely find the ones perfect for you

Selected toilet seats made in Italy

Firmiana is an e-commerce site that deals with selecting and offering products made exclusively in Italy, certified and qualitatively great! At www.firmiana.it there are many types of objects: from sanitaryware to hi-tech, from kitchenware to jewels!
Among the dozens of home accessories on the internet page, you can also find many models of toilet seats! This is a category to which we don't generally pay much attention, but is actually indispensable in any bathroom, especially from a hygienic point of view, but unfortunately not easy to find!
That's why we took care to find the best toilet seats and make them easy to purchase to anyone who is looking for them! There are three main categories on the website: Originals, or those associated with the various sanitaryware proposals we have chosen; Compatible, shapes and sizes that can be adapted to the different types of toilets present in homes and business; and finally Disabled, toilet seats dedicated to the most particular needs!
Each piece is associated with its technical data sheet, complete with details such as measurements and appearance, so that the purchase is guided and facilitated. It has been in operation for years, Colbam is the company that produces these toilet seats with the most diverse features.
What are you waiting for? Price is also an opportunity that you cannot miss!

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