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100% Made in Italy

Tri-Ply Cookware made in Italy

Four design lines for the tri-ply cookware made in Italy that will enrich your kitchen!

Tri-Ply Cookware made in Italy For several years now, food plays a very important role both in the private environment and in TV programs where they relish recipes of all kinds, from the simplest to the most elaborate. MEPRA, an Italian company specialized in the kitchenware sector, interprets this request through a unique and precious design that transforms its trti-ply cookware into small kitchen jewels.
The choice is wide: Attiva, a square and extremely modern design that fits perfectly into a contemporary contrasting environment, or the softer Dolcevita with a style that resonates with classic and sophisticated furniture.
Energia is, among them, the line that most resembles its name: the handles of these tri-ply cookware become bigger, ensuring a better grip and giving each element a strong and determined character in its aesthetics.
To the already mentioned tri-ply cookware, a fourth line is added: Glamor Stone, equipped for each part of a coating that allows uniform cooking of food without the need for added fat. If you love to have a healthy lifestyle, or you're simply working to reduce the calories of your food, these tri-ply cookware are exactly what you are looking for.
On the website www.firmiana.it you will find these products and more, to make your home's culinary space even more attractive!

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