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Washtubs and duty sinks for the laundry area of your home: Firmiana's advice

Washtubs and duty sinks for the laundry area of your home: Firmiana's advice

Those who have a room completely dedicated to the laundry area can be considered very lucky: a well-organized space in which to place a clothes rack and a duty sink with a washing machine and a dryer will surely be a great ally during household chores.

Even those who don't have this possibility can still get a practical laundry corner making the most of the little space available.

In addition to the washing machine, an essential appliance for our homes, one element that can not miss is certainly the ceramic duty sink.

This piece of furniture, really useful for washing clothes by hand, consists of a deep sink with a wooden table.

Usually installed on a piece of furniture, it can also be fixed on shelves or on the wall in a wall-hung version.
Obviously the duty sink on furniture remains the best solution for those with little space: the drawers and the underside are in fact very useful for storing detergents, soaps and various accessories.

If you are looking for a washtub with wooden plank, Firmiana.it wants to propose some really interesting solutions, designed for both large spaces and small bathrooms.

On our catalog you will find high quality sinks-washtubs made exclusively by Italian companies.
Evaluate the measures you need and find on the website the model that best suits your needs.

Buying on our e-commerce is really very simple: you can order your new washtub online and receive it in a few days directly at home.
Discover the convenient prices and all the offers we have reserved for you!

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