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100% Made in Italy

Decorative washbasins made in Italy

The design and the masterly realization of the decorative washbasins starts from the knowledge of the raw materials!

Decorative washbasins made in Italy

The variety of raw materials, in design, is really wide. Each of them has a value and a different impact on people's lives, even at the level of perception.
Touching a smooth or rough surface, cold or hot, gives us different sensations: a product created with care has precisely characteristics of this type that distinguish it from all others!
The decorative washbasins that Firmiana offers are made of high quality ceramic, to create pieces that truly meet the practical needs, but also the more purely aesthetic sphere of each of us. The decorative washbasins we are talking about, in fact, come from one of the production sites in Italy that has more experience in this field: the area of Viterbo and more specifically Civita Castellana.
The choice is really wide: from countertop to wall-hung, on column or semi countertop, angular or made of ceramic and glass, including of course the availability of washbasins furniture for people with disabilities.
This vastness of options allows you to find undoubtedly what is right for you: whether you prefer to enrich your home with monochrome pieces or decorated, large or small, high or low...they will always be decorative washbasins Made in Italy! 

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