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How to choose the right washbasin? Follow Firmiana's advice.

How to choose the right washbasin? Follow Firmiana's advice. The washbasin is definitely one of the main protagonists of the bathroom: it is an essential piece of furniture for our daily hygiene that, at the same time, contributes to furnish any space with style and originality.

Choosing a washbasin is not easy.
We recommend that you carefully evaluate some aspects before proceeding with the purchase.

Let's not stop at the aesthetics: the washbasin must have characteristics compatible with the available spaces.
Let's see together some important aspects that should not be underestimated.


The first important step is to consider the type of bathroom that we have to furnish: is it a service bathroom, the main bathroom of the house or a room used as a laundry?

From this first evaluation we will understand if we will need a mainly practical and functional sink or a washbasin with a refined design for a high impact bathroom.
Lavabi bagno - Tipo di installazione


How do we want to install our washbasin? In the market there are so many solutions designed for every need:

-    countertop washbasin, on shelf or cabinet;
-    wall hung washbasin, very used in small bathrooms, perfect for those who prefer a minimalist style;
-    washbasin on column, very suitable for classic style bathrooms;
-    drop in or semi countertop washbasin
-    freestanding washbasin

Lavabo su colonna o centro stanza


The choice of the size of our sink is linked to the first point, that is the type of bathroom that we have to furnish: a small washbasin will be enough for a service bathroom, however a ceramic duty-sink will be essential for a laundry area.

Large washbasins with particular shapes will be the ideal solution for the main bathroom.

Lavabo piccolo


Another aspect to pay close attention to is the choice of faucets: it is clear that the model of the washbasin that we choose will have to be functional to the tap we will install.

In fact there are taps of different types such as built-in, countertop, three holes or freestanding: to each his own sink!

Rubinetto a parete


In addition to the classic ceramic washbasins, you can choose models made of other materials such as glass, resin, stone and ceramics: the choice is yours!

Lavabi in vetro

But there is another very interesting solution, able to satisfy style and functionality at the same time: for those who love stone or other refined materials, but do not want to give up the ceramic, Firmiana.it proposes organic washbasins, ceramic sinks with an original stone, marble, copper or lime effect: a truly unique solution, perfect for both classic and modern bathrooms.

Lavabi organici

Discover them in our catalog, together with a wide range of colored, round, square or rectangular washbasins.


Another fundamental factor: the available budget.
Of course, in some cases, it is not always good to focus on savings: the quality of a washbasin cannot be ignored.
And if there was a chance to buy an excellent product at an advantageous price? It would be perfect!

And that's exactly how it is on our e-commerce website Firmiana.it : here you will find a wide range of 100% Made in Italy washbasins at cheap and very affordable prices.

Visit our website now and discover all the offers: we are sure that you will find the right washbasin for you!

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