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Bathroom washbasin by the Italian design!

The pottery is shaped into curves to achieve a perfect bathroom washbasin for your home

Bathroom washbasin by the Italian design!

Of all the environments present in a house, the bathroom is perhaps the one that sets itself the greater attention: whether you are guests or owners does not matter, to be in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing toilet is always nice! In the imagination, it is linked to a time not only intimate but also of relax, and that's why Firmiana pays particular attention to this room, offering a wide range of home decor products.
One among them is the bathroom washbasin, available in many models and variants: decorative or classic, on column, wall-hung, console or double basin, ... An interesting suggestion is for example the washbasin bathroom undercounter:  on the site www.firmiana.it you can choose between the design of The.Artceram, that of Ki & Ko and finally of Ceramic Design, all made in Italy!
This type of wash basin for the bathroom presents the structure of the ceramic bath placed under the ground plane, design that immediately gives a clear style and very trendy to any environment.
Squared, rounded, curved or with a particular almond shape, they will enhance your home with taste and simplicity ! Another category not to be missed is that of the bathroom washbasin in glass, for which the tank is made square-shaped and applied to a support which seems to hold it suspended "in space": a real poem to the eyes!

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