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100% Made in Italy

Ceramic plates from the Italian design

The ceramic plates of tradition, combined with a style that always looks forward to the improvement!

Ceramic plates from the Italian design

Speaking of Italy inevitably means talking about tradition. Whether it's craft, design or gourmet, the nostalgia of a past never past is always present!
Many cities are the sign of that, with their villages full of smells and ancient sounds, proud of their own and always young beauty, which indeed is strengthened as the time passes. In this ocean of memories, Firmiana choose quality products from refined presence, such as ceramic dinner set of Toscano line of Firmiana Arredo Casa: a decoration by the colors so delicate that they seem to caress both the ceramic and the food contained!
But also the Olive line, with its warm yellow enriched by green and blue contrasting details, will be one of the ceramic plates that will conquer you! Available in both oval shape and as rice dish or large salad bowl, they will become the element that you will love the most in your kitchen!
In addition, the concept, the realization and the sale of these ceramic plates are exclusively made in Italy, like the rest of the items you'll find in www.firmiana.it.
If you love the Bel Paese with its history, its traditions and its inevitable binges, you can not give up on a Sunday spaghetti dinner to be served right in these local ceramic plates! Enjoy your meal!

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