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100% Made in Italy

Ceramic fruit stands by the Italian design

The Taruschio passion for furniture and objects creates fairy-tale flavor ceramic fruit stands

Ceramic fruit stands by the Italian design

Made in Italy goes hand in hand with tradition, quality and originality: Firmiana was first launched with the intent to select a range of products with these features!
Today we offer the ceramic fruit stands: white glaze accompanied by imaginative decorations that tell the flight of butterflies, such as those that are about to return to color our flowery meadows with the arrival of spring!
Not just sweets and fruit, but each one of your creation will fit on these ceramic fruit stands: depending on your needs you can choose to buy the concave one with scalloped edge, maybe  to hold the fresh fruit, or the one with a shelf, decorated with flat hem that looks like a placemat, perfect if you have just made a cake and want to let it cool down!
Whether it's a gift for your family, for a friend or for the new neighbor that you have not yet had occasion to know, with these ceramic fruit stands that foretell the warm season you will breakthrough in their hearts! Butterfly, known symbol of freedom and lightness, is also a sign of rebirth, a new beginning, processing ...
Lao Tsu, in its wisdom of the East, said "what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls a butterfly" and perhaps it is precisely from this that the Taruschio company was inspired to create its ceramic fruit stands!

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