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100% Made in Italy

925 silver earrings: Italian design!

Matched with natural stones, here are the Italian handmade 925 silver earrings!

925 silver earrings: Italian design!

Here comes the birthday of your daughter and you don't know what to get her? 
Or maybe it's your wedding anniversary and you want to make unique even this day as if it was the first? 
Firmiana does not abandon the romance nor the preciousness and that's why it has chosen for its clients some unique jewelry: silver earrings by an Italian brand, made of 925 silver and natural stones, among which the beauty of the Baltic amber stands out among all, a fossil resin formed by trees which lived over 40 million years ago and belonged to large equatorial forests, which covered northern Europe, up to North America.
No need to say that donating a pair of silver earrings and amber like these is an act of love embellished with the antiquity of the stone that will make your gift truly irreplaceable! In the section dedicated to this product, you will also find silver earrings completed with green amber, less known than the yellow, perfect for a woman with a strong and refined character, others with pendants in amber complemented by Swarovski elements, suitable for younger women!
Undoubtedly, you just have to choose which pair of silver earrings is the model that will conquer the heart of the woman you love!

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