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Coffee Cups

Who among you doesn’t need a fantastic set of ceramic coffee cups? When the friends join you in the afternoon for a chat, when we have guests over for dinner, or simply for a daily use within the family, a nice set of decorated ceramic coffee cups doesn’t just come in handy: it is fundamental!
Firmiana has selected for you some unique and original elements, the product of very famous Made in Italy artisanship. In this section, we offer you some sets of ceramic coffee cups together with sugar bowls and little plates, in order to complete the table’s setting as the right kind of etiquette requires! Before tasting the wonderful coffee that you’ll be preparing, your kind guests won’t be able to help noticing the elegance, the refinement and the pleasantness of your ceramic cups for coffee.
Choose the decoration and set that most pleases you depending on your taste and on the type of furniture that you have going for your dining room. Don’t forget how this set of ceramic coffee cups can enrich and embellish your cupboard, whilst in the wait of your important guests!

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