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Faram bicycles

Out in the open or in the city, the Faram bicycles are the right choice for you!

Faram bicycles March has arrived and with it the warm spring sun begins to bite! Going to work, to shop or just on a walk, it's nice to feel on the skin that feeling of warmth that during the long winter months  never seems to return!
That's why we propose the Faram bicycles: a product made in Italy, they are perfect for taking care of yourself and of the environment! Who does not like to spend some time of the week in contact with nature?
Especially if you are forced to spend much time indoors, have a chance to breathe a little fresh air is rejuvenating, and thanks to Faram bicycles you have fun too! You do not necessarily have to be sports fans in order to enjoy a bit of movement ...there is no doubt that going on a bike ride uplifts body and spirit: it reminds us of when we were kids and we ran through the streets of our city, without concerns but with a great desire to discover new things and live adventures!
With Faram bicycles, this atmosphere returns to illuminate that childish part of us  that remained untouched and we almost do not want to come down of our two wheels! It can also be an opportunity to spend time with the little ones, who are waiting to use all the energy they have to have fun with us!
Among all Faram bicycles on www.firmiana.it, the perfect one for you is just waiting to be chosen!

14/04/2016 - Bicycles FARAM Made in Italy

14/04/2015 - Electric bicyles by FARAM with assisted pedalling.

14/12/2015 - Mountain bike FARAM: a health walk!

14/07/2015 - Bicycles for children with wheels, for the road and MTB

14/01/2015 - Bicycles for children, wonderful and safe!

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