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100% Made in Italy

Exercise bikes made in Italy: the pleasure of work!

On rainy days, you no longer have to give up fitness, thanks to the exercise bike made in Italy FARAM!

Exercise bikes made in Italy: the pleasure of work! A thousand times you wanted to do some physical activities, but the weather didn't allow you to because the rain prevailed on the good weather. 
Whether it was for an occasional walk or for your daily sports dose, it is unfortunate that you have given up! FARAM offers you the perfect solution: a series of exercise bikes made in Italy, perfect to accompany you in your home fitness course at any time, despite any unexpected storm or thunderstorm!
Does the richness of Easter lunch make you feel weighed? Or maybe you do a desk job? Then these exercise bikes made in Italy are what you need!
In the evening before falling asleep, you could make a healthy jog looking at your favorite TV program or, together with the youngest, combining the usefulness to the delightful: among the many models of exercise bikes made in Italy, on the website www.firmiana.it you will also find exercise cycles for children, colorful and fun!
Or, if you prefer, you can choose the mini bike model for adults, which occupies very little space but without giving up a perfect physical fitness! In short, with the arrival of the beautiful season, there is not much time left to lose! Hurry to visit the site Firmiana and you'll be spoiled for choice!
The exercise bikes made in Italy we have selected, are waiting for you!

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27/03/2015 - Mountain bikes FARAM produced in Italy.

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