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100% Made in Italy

Choose your ceramic cup holder made in Italy

At the dinner table, among the thousand dishes, here come the ceramic cup holders, a fully Italian design

Choose your ceramic cup holder made in Italy

Finally spring has arrived and like every year there is, in every family, the desire for a nice lunch outdoors, enjoying the warm sun  that we missed feeling on the skin for so many months! Very often, when we eat outside, many dishes that we use are made of plastic, and it is in this context that today we speak of the ceramic cup holders, manufactured by the Italian company Taruschio: available immediately on the website www.firmiana.it, you will find them in several variations, all with fun patterns that will surely be loved by the little ones!
Often, just a small gust of wind is enough to roll to the ground the pile of disposable cups that you have carefully placed on the table, but with these ceramic holders you will no longer have this problem! They are also well suited for theme parties and birthdays, not to mention the owl available in two versions, perfect for graduation!
If you have never experienced the comfort of a ceramic cup holders, this is a good time to start! 
Firmiana chose to preserve and spread the tradition of Made in Italy through a careful selection of products for its customers, that you will find in the website at reduced prices just for you! The ceramic cup holders are just among them! What are you waiting for?

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