Exercise bikes made in Italy: the pleasure of work!


A thousand times you wanted to do some physical activities, but the weather didn't allow you to because the rain prevailed on the good weather.  Whether it was for an occasional walk or for your daily sports dose, it is unfortunate that you have given up! FARAM offers you the perfect [...]

Choose your ceramic cup holder made in Italy


Finally spring has arrived and like every year there is, in every family, the desire for a nice lunch outdoors, enjoying the warm sun  that we missed feeling on the skin for so many months! Very often, when we eat outside, many dishes that we use are made of plastic, and it is in this context that [...]

Bathroom washbasin by the Italian design!


Of all the environments present in a house, the bathroom is perhaps the one that sets itself the greater attention: whether you are guests or owners does not matter, to be in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing toilet is always nice! In the imagination, it is linked to a time not only intimate [...]

Faram bicycles


March has arrived and with it the warm spring sun begins to bite! Going to work, to shop or just on a walk, it's nice to feel on the skin that feeling of warmth that during the long winter months  never seems to return! That's why we propose the Faram bicycles: a product made in Italy, [...]

Ceramic fruit stands by the Italian design


Made in Italy goes hand in hand with tradition, quality and originality: Firmiana was first launched with the intent to select a range of products with these features! Today we offer the ceramic fruit stands: white glaze accompanied by imaginative decorations that tell the flight of [...]

Ceramic plates from the Italian design


Speaking of Italy inevitably means talking about tradition. Whether it's craft, design or gourmet, the nostalgia of a past never past is always present! Many cities are the sign of that, with their villages full of smells and ancient sounds, proud of their own and always young beauty, which [...]

Decorative washbasins made in Italy


The variety of raw materials, in design, is really wide. Each of them has a value and a different impact on people's lives, even at the level of perception. Touching a smooth or rough surface, cold or hot, gives us different sensations: a product created with care has precisely [...]

Choose the bathroom furniture Made in Italy you prefer!


Italy has always distinguished itself in the field of design, staying ahead of all other countries of the world for decades now. Why? Traditions, culture, art. A strip of land suspended in the sea of a thousand inputs for the birth of beauty! And that is where some of the best products [...]

925 silver earrings: Italian design!


Here comes the birthday of your daughter and you don't know what to get her?  Or maybe it's your wedding anniversary and you want to make unique even this day as if it was the first?  Firmiana does not abandon the romance nor the preciousness and that's why it has chosen for [...]

Spring-summer women's clothing


Italy, a country of scents, colors, flavors and cultures that enrich each other. Maybe that's why the world of fashion has always drawn inspiration particularly in this place, and continues to live and regenerate year after year, season after season. It is exactly what  the creations of [...]

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