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100% Made in Italy

Round modern lava stone tabletop Red Rocks

Since it is a hand-decorated item, the expected delivery time is 40 working days. In addition, to better protect the item during transport, we use a specially designed packaging.
Round modern lava stone tabletop Red Rocks Round modern lava stone tabletop Red Rocks
Grandi Maioliche Ficola
Diam. 60 cm - H3 cm - 19 Kg
Diam. 70 cm - H3 cm - 25 Kg
Diam. 80 cm - H3 cm - 35 Kg
Diam. 90 cm - H3 cm - 45 Kg
Diam. 100 cm - H3 cm - 55 Kg
Diam. 110 cm - H3 cm - 65 Kg
Diam. 120 cm - H3 cm - 80 Kg
Diam. 130 cm - H3 cm - 90 Kg
Diam. 140 cm - H3 cm - 110 Kg
Diam. 150 cm - H3 cm - 120 Kg
Diam. 160 cm - H3 cm - 140 Kg
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Ideato Disegnato Prodotto Controllato Spedito in Italia 100% made in Italy Prolungamento garanzia
This modern line acquires a unique aesthetic dimension, far from ordinariness. The enamels used offer an infinite choice of combinations and styles. Since the lava stone compared to a traditional ceramic is a living and non-inert material, during the heat treatment the gases and metals contained in the stone, combined with a clever use of enamels and oxides, give life to the magic of color.
A table in decorated volcanic stone does not need any maintenance, has a very high resistance to impacts and scratches and easily supports the sun, rain, salt, temperature changes, temperatures well below zero and any other atmospheric agent.

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