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100% Made in Italy


In this section of Firmiana’s market place you can find cookware of a prime quality, rigorously and 100% made in Italy. By purchasing these cookware sets you’ll have the certainty of cooking with reliable, resistant and safe equipment that poses no threat to your health. Depending on your habits and preferences, you’ll be able to choose between copper, trimetal and stainless steel pots; the most used and requested materials on the market. The choice is really wide in terms of form and dimension. Nothing is missing in these cookware sets!

Which are the most important characteristics to devote attention to, before the purchase of the cookware? The DIMENSION i.e. the recipient’s capacity, which must be adequate to the number of people. Choose neither pots that are too small, as they’ll limit your creativity, nor pots that are too big. The MATERIAL is obviously essential. Examine carefully the thickness of the pot, its depth, its sturdiness and its anti-adhesion. Last, but not the least, the FUNCTIONALITY of the cookware that you’re about to choose. Check well for the modalities of washing, the possibility of packing them away into one another in order to occupy the least possible space and also the manageability of the equipment.

Here you have all the cookware offered by Firmiana for online purchase!


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